The Better Together Workshop

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Advancing Gender Equity for a More Resilient Supply Chain

The Better Together Workshop (BTW) is an immersive program designed to empower the coffee and cocoa sectors with the tools and knowledge to integrate gender equity into their operations. This series provides a deep dive into strategy development and practical application of gender-responsive programming, leveraging the Gender Equity Index approach.

The primary audience for the program is:

+ Extension and Advisory Service Providers including private sector, development, civil society and governmental organizations

+ Producer Organizations

Why Participate

Gain Competence

Understand the key domains of gender equity, and how to apply them in the design of inclusive programs.

Develop Targeted Plans

Identify priorities for your organization’s gender development plan and build team capacity on gender integration.

Communicate Progress

Enhance your ability to communicate your commitment to inclusivity and encourage partners to engage in your programs.


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Workshop Overview

The BTW program comprises five facilitated virtual sessions, complemented by assignments between sessions to reinforce learning. Participants also benefit from targeted advisory sessions to design a Gender Equity Development Plan and Gender Responsive Budget.

Before the Better Together Workshops, we had never even discussed developing a gender policy and now we are starting that in the next two weeks. I would say that this training was timely because it really opened a lot of opportunities for us. –

Kevin Nakitare, Project Supervisor at Sucafina, Kenya

Key Components:

  1. Introduction to the GEI: Explore key terms, the significance of gender equity in agriculture, and the state of industry efforts.
  2. Gender Integration: Dive into the GEI domains and the Reach, Benefit, and Empower/Transform framework to understand and analyze your GEI report.
  3. Vision and Planning: Develop a vision, and a Theory of Change for integrating gender equity into your organization.
  4. Resource Alignment: Explore how to align resources and capacities to achieve gender equity goals.
  5. Tracking Progress: Learn how to monitor progress, integrate gender-responsive budgeting practices, and communicate achievements.

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Executive Edition

The Better Together Workshop (BTW) Executive Edition is a specialized program designed for executives and decision-makers. This edition focuses on deepening understanding and fostering a strategic approach to ensure inclusivity across throughout sustainability programs and projects.

The Executive Edition goes beyond basic awareness, transforming leaders into active advocates for gender equity as a fundamental business priority. It provides the tools and frameworks necessary for executives to not only consider gender equity strategies but to implement them effectively and sustainably.

For further information on the Executive Edition and its benefits for your organization, please reach out to us directly at


Facilitation Team

Kimberly Easson

Kimberly Easson is the Founder and CEO of Equal Origins (formerly The Partnership for Gender Equity). She has worked for more than 30 years in the global coffee sector including, at the Coffee Quality Institute, Fairtrade, and Café Britt. She played a key role in building the US market for fair trade and led the 60-person global producer support team at Fairtrade International. She served on the board of directors of the Specialty Coffee Association of America, the Sustainability Council for ten years and co-founded the International Women’s Coffee Alliance serving five years as President. 

Greg Meenahan

Greg Meenahan has worked with Equal Origins for over two years and is a co-creator of Equal Origins’ Gender Equity Index, provides project development and management supportIn addition to Equal Origins, he provides various coffee traders with strategic sustainability communications, carbon reporting, and marketing expertise. He is a coffee sustainability author and speaker, with 25+ years of non-profit strategy and management expertise. Previous roles include Partnership Director at World Coffee Research, Chief Operating Officer at Child Aid (literacy development in Guatemala), and a variety of social service programs in the United States, including the domestic violence response program “Home Free.”  

Becca Morahan

Becca Morahan has collaborated with Equal Origins since 2014, and led the development of the content of the Gender Equity Index, coordinating the input of the expert panel. She has 20+ years’ experience in the smallholder agriculture sector, and has worked along the coffee and cocoa supply chain from farmer community to company, as an associate of Twin/Twin Trading and as independent consultant. Over the last 10 years her primary focus has been on strengthening institutional understanding and practices gender and social inclusion, with a particular focus on gender transformative approaches. She has designed and delivered in-person and online workshops and training sessions on gender for diverse teams, and has contribute to research and publications on gender in coffee and cocoa for KIT, FAO, ITC and Mars among others.