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With the significant opportunity for Equal Origins’ work to have a global impact on gender equity, it is vital that the organization’s strategy and programs be informed by stakeholder input and supported allies who are invested in Equal Origins’s success. Our Industry Advisory Group members bring a diverse array of expertise, and meet three times a year to discuss key elements of Equal Origins’ strategy and program. 

 Inge Jacobs

Inge Jacobs has an academic background in law, with master’s degrees both in human rights and public health. She has 15 years of experience in NGOs as well as 10 years in the private sector working for Mars.

Her work has focused on human rights, community development, farmer livelihoods and gender programs in rural communities of Côte d’Ivoire, Burkina Faso, Peru and Honduras.

In her role at Mars, she worked on sustainability topics in the cocoa supply chain for Mars Wrigley, developing and implementing strategies to contribute to ensuring human rights are protected and farmers achieve a decent standard of living in Mars’ cocoa supply chain. She recently switched roles and is now leading Sustainable Sourcing for Mars Food, focusing both on human rights, gender and livelihoods as well as climate and water use in Mars Food supply chains.


Kelly Amoroso

Kelly Amoroso senior coffee and tea buyer at Allegro Coffee Company has been involved in the coffee industry for more than 20 years in various aspects as a coffee buyer, quality control manager, Q Instructor, coffee promotion, cupping competitions, and a coffee coordinator. Her regions of work include Latin America and Africa and in tea in Asia, Africa and Latin America. Her commitment to coffee and tea origins and quality of life improvement for producers has always been her passion and engages in the industry with various partners to further this objective.

Brooke Cantrell

Brooke Cantrell is the Vice President of Sustainability for Westrock Coffee Company. She has worked in coffee since 2013 and spent her first six years in the industry living in Rwanda, working on supply chain development and farmer capacity building in East African supply chains. Brooke currently manages Westrock Coffee’s global sustainability strategy, with a focus on supply transparency, farmer economic viability, responsible sourcing, and gender-equitable access to the benefits of sustainable supply chains.

Pamela Schreier

Pamela Schreier started her career in sustainable development working with small honey producers in the US Peace Corps in the Dominican Republic.  After briefly returning to the US to finish her master’s program, she went back to the DR to work for a local NGO on public private partnerships.  In 2013, she decided to switch to the private sector where partnering with small farmers is integral to good business.  She joined ECOM Cocoa in 2013, beginning as the Regional Manager for Sustainable Management Services in South America and in 2019, she became the Senior Global Manager for Sustainability. She now sits in London and leads the development of the global sustainability strategy for cocoa.

Jasmine Murphy

Jasmine Murphy brings eight years of invaluable experience in the coffee industry to the team. With two years spent at JMS, Jasmine’s previous role at Nestle’s R&D center in Marysville, OH, has honed her expertise.

In her current position at JMS, Jasmine is an integral part of the green coffee trading group. However, her primary focus revolves around sustainability. She is entrusted with steering and overseeing the sustainability strategy, spearheading projects that seamlessly integrate sustainability with green coffee, and driving forward the company’s commitment to a more eco-conscious future. Jasmine’s dedication and wealth of experience make her an essential asset to the team.

Veronica Rossi

Veronica Rossi is a dedicated professional working at the Lavazza Foundation, where she focuses on promoting practices that uphold the well-being of both people and the environment within coffee-producing regions. With her base in the Sustainability Department at the Lavazza Group’s headquarters in Torino, Italy, Veronica plays a vital role in furthering the organization’s mission.

In this dynamic role, Veronica is part of a multifaceted department that seeks to integrate social and environmental sustainability principles into the daily operations of the entire Lavazza Group. The department is structured into three units: Sustainability Reporting and Lavazza Foundation, where Veronica holds a key position; Environmental Sustainability and Suppliers’ CSR Compliance; and Community Care and Institutional Relations.

As the head of her unit, Veronica manages critical aspects of the Lavazza Foundation, including aligning its sustainability strategy with the UN Global Goals. She is responsible for overseeing sustainability KPI reporting for the entire group and actively manages Lavazza Foundation projects. Veronica’s contributions are pivotal in advancing Lavazza’s commitment to making a positive impact on the world.

Ellen Rogers